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"I am a carpenter in need of chiropractic adjustments monthly. My regular M.D. just gave me pain pills that did nothing except make me tired and sleepy. Twit’s adjustments keep me working without pain and with pep to continue the physical work I need to do. The worry of not being physically able is also taken away."

- Gary S.


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"When I first came to this establishment, I could hardly walk. After just 3 adjustments I was back to caring for my 3 children. I have been seeing Dr. Twit for 20 years for my monthly adjustments. When I have a need for his services, he always makes time for me. I believe in him so much that I brought my husband in. Joe uses the pelvic stabilizers for standing on cement. I would refer anyone to him and I have; my father and sister."

- Renee L.

"I am a regular patient because of lower back problems. I maintain an active life (golf, biking, etc.) because of treatments I receive.  Recently, I had problems with my elbow and shoulder. I had my elbow diagnosed by another doctor with tennis elbow and was told to take ibuprofen for weeks and if it didn’t get better, surgery would be the next step. After a couple of months of zero improvement I mentioned it to Dr. Twit. In 2 weeks I was back to 80% and now at 100% because of Dr. Twit’s care. At the first sign of a shoulder problem, that came later, I came to Dr. Twit and after a few adjustments and following his advice it is fine. His care, frank assessments, and humor is greatly appreciated. Tell your friends!"

- Denny R.

"On Tuesday evening, I was staining the deck and moving deck furniture. At 2 am Wednesday, I was in pain with muscle spasms approximately every 10-15 seconds. After suffering with these for 6 hours, I called Dr. Twit’s office as soon as it opened at 8 am. I was able to get in 45 minutes later and received an adjustment and electro-therapy. Dr. Twit explained how the pain and spasms are related to the injury and what I needed to do at home to help the spine and muscles stay in place. After the adjustment and therapy I was still having spasms but I followed through on his instruction and applied moist heat for 15 minutes and then an ice pack – all while lying face down. I then applied the Biofreeze gel. I took a 2 hour nap and when I got up at 4 – the pain and spasms were gone. I still felt sore so I repeated the moist heat and ice that evening. I slept well (8 hours!) and felt great – just a little sore. On Thursday I had another adjustment and therapy and then got back to my busy life."

- Sally E.

"I decided to have chiropractic work done after noticing my posture was poor and I could never rid myself of headaches. Dr. Twit began adjusting my spine on a regular basis and set me up with a custom made orthotic device to aid in the improvement of my posture. Many beneficial and dramatic changes ensued. I have noticed an improvement in my cognitive function and attitude. I also have a better outlook on life. I even noticed that my facial structure has improved due to the proper functioning of my spine; smiles come naturally and more often. I truly am a success story and would like to thank Dr. Twit for improving my life. My sinus passages have cleared up and I sleep much better."

- Jordan B.

"It was probably mid-September or the beginning of October when my shoulder started giving me pain. Since I don’t like to go to the Doctor for just anything, I waited to see if it would disappear. Unfortunately, it got worse. I then decided to visit Dr. Twit and have him look me over. He took x-rays and followed up in the next visit of what the x-rays showed. Turned out to be a torn Rotator Cuff. Dr. Twit told me that it would take quite a few treatments to get me going again. So we started the treatments and as time went on the pain started to decrease. After 16 sessions I am now able to get back to my life."

- Donald P.

"I was a migraine sufferer for more than a year. I was to the point that I did not want to go to bed at night because I would wake with a migraine every morning. Medicine was not helping. I heard about treating migraines through chiropractic work and I thought I’d give it a try. It really worked for me. Along with treating my migraines Dr Jerry and Shan Twit also have been treating back pain- also a success. No one should have to live with severe pain."

- Carol M.

"Last September I was involved in a bad, rollover, then started flips end over end, automobile accident. Two different doctors told me that if therapy did not work, I would need surgery to repair my left elbow, left hip, and right shoulder. Therapy lasted three weeks, with only temporary relief. Then I met Dr. Jerry Twit. I told him what other doctors had told me, about the repairs with surgery that they all wanted to do. Well I’m very happy to say nine months later, I was back to myself without any surgery. There’ll still be monthly adjustments but that’s ok. Thank you Dr. Twit."

- Bill A.

"I am a retired mill worker. I have lifted things from 10 to 100 lbs. I have had a back problem for a number of years due to the lifting. I come here every month to see Dr. Twit for a treatment. We have tried to do these treatments every other month, every three months, and longer. But I have found that it works the best for me to come once a month. I have made the mistake that a lot of people do and that is….We come in to see Dr. Twit, he puts us back on our feet and then we say “well I’m not hurting”  so we don’t go back to him for a while, and then it hits us. So then we lose everything that we have gained, minus a little more because it becomes worse than the first time we came in. At least I have found this to be true with my problem. So I have found that once a month works best for me. "

- Clarence G.

"Age 56 and too young to have so many back and leg problems. One morning woke up to not being able to walk without help. My son drove me in to see Dr. Twit. After we got to the clinic, the help of two people was much appreciated since I couldn’t do for myself. Three times a day for one week, then daily for a week, then every other day for another week and lastly to once a week. The best part of all the treatments was – NO DRUGS! I only used a non-aspirin pain tablets to help control the pain. After two weeks, I didn’t even need that. To maintain pain free, I need to come back a few times per month. The body works well- only if your maintain it! It’s like your car – without maintenance it gives out too. Thank you Dr. Twit for all your help!"

- Anonymous

"Before consulting and treatment by Dr. Twit, walking, bending, even sitting was a painful chore. Through careful analysis and treatments over a period of time, I regained much of the flexibility and endurance I had before, and virtually pain free. Although I have to be cautious in my everyday activities, I owe much to Dr. Twit and his staff for keeping me out of a wheelchair and helping me develop a new sense of attitude!"

- Tom S.

Chiropractor and patient Chiropractor and patient

“Hi Dr Twit!

It's Nic!  The guitarist you helped for so many years!


I just wanted to express my utmost thanks to you and your clinic for the years of help and direction with addressing my health issues preventing me from playing guitar.  None of my other healthcare providers were nearly as caring or as understanding about the gravity of my medical issues, and ultimately, you were the only one who was right.  You were the only doctor I've had that told me my situation wasn't hopeless, and that one day I could play guitar again.


My time in your care last year I saw the largest improvement in my hand health, ever.  Even after leaving your care, my hand constantly got better, largely because of your guidance.  I started using a home light therapy machine and became much more aware of my back and shoulder tension, and actually began to fix it myself.  In about six months, I was able to clear up my hand tension completely!  Seriously, completely.  Something I was told I would never do by every doctor except for you.  You gave me the tools and knowledge to address my issues, but also you gave me the hope I needed to address these issues.


About a month ago I finally made the big move to Minneapolis, something I was talking about doing since we first met when I was in college, but my medical bills for my hand kept getting in the way.  I just auditioned for a professional jazz group, have three guitar teaching jobs on the table, and my own band I've been wanting to make a reality for several years is finally coming together.  


My life is everything I thought it wouldn't be a year ago.  It's amazing, filled with music and hope, and I truly owe almost all of it to you.  


So, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Much love,

Nic G.”